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Knights of St Andrew

Welcome to our home page of Rochester Valley Knights of the Order of Saint Andrew!

What are the Knights of Saint Andrew?

The Knights of the Order of Saint Andrew, or KSA, is a special group of 32° Scottish Rite Freemasons dedicated to provide service the Rochester Valley at large.  Our Order was chartered on November 30, 2016 in Rochester, MN.  The KSA provides critical support to all of the committees of the Valley, assists at events when needed, and promotes active membership within the Valley.  Some examples of what the KSA does include.

  • Welcome Visitors and Candidates.
  • Promote Scottish Rite Masonic education.
  • Provide members to assist all of the Valley’s Committees.
  • Serve several roles at special Valley events.
  • Attend public events in full garb to promote Scottish Rite Freemasonry.
  • Embrace the Nine Virtues of a Knight of St. Andrew.

Who are the Knights of Saint Andrew?

Membership in KSA is limited to Masters of the Royal Secret (32°) who are members of the Rochester Valley in good standing.  Those who have been honored with the Knight Commander Court of Honor (32° K.C.C.H.) or coroneted with the Inspector General Honorary (33°) are not eligible for membership.  Those who have been honored with the 32° K.C.C.H. or coroneted with the 33° who were members of the KSA while a 32° are emeritus members of the KSA.

How are the Knights of Saint Andrew structured?

Each Valley’s KSA is unique.  As there is no national governing body for KSA, each Valley is given great latitude to organize their KSA as best fits with their Valley.  In Rochester, there are four official officers of the KSA:

  • Knight Commander
  • Knight Warden
  • Knight Captain
  • Knight Adjutant.

All serve at the will and pleasure of the Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G. and the Heads of the Bodies of the Rochester Valley.  All of the officers are elected to a one year term by a vote of the KSA membership.

How are the Knights of Saint Andrew recognized?

In the Rochester Valley, there are three distinguishing items that are worn only by KSA members:

The KSA Lapel Pin

The jewel is worn anytime by the Valley membership, the jewel can also be worn by Squires and Emeritus Members.

KSA Lapel Pin












The KSA Tartan and KSA Jewel

The Rochester Valley has a unique tartan (Universal Freemason pattern) worn as a small pocket hanger out of the breast pocket of a jacket or shirt with the KSA jewel affixed to it.

Universal Masonic Tartan

The Glengarry Hat

The Rochester Valley KSA wears a traditional Glengarry hat. These hats are worn for special occasions, meeting nights and to represent the KSA outside of the Valley. They do not replace the traditional caps of the Scottish Rite and must be removed during prayer and pledging allegiance to our country. Members have a Knights of Saint Andrew Cap badge attached. Those that have petitioned the Knight of Saint Andrew but have not yet been knighted may wear the Glengarry hat but without a cap badge.

Glengarry Hat

How often the Knights of Saint Andrew meet?

The Order of Rochester Valley KSA meets semiannually on the day normally following the conferral of the 32nd degree and on November 30th at the Masonic Center in Rochester, MN.  In addition, the Knight Commander may call Special Meetings at any time.

How can I join the Knights of Saint Andrew?

To simply apply for membership and pay the dues does not make one a Knight of Saint Andrew. We are not just another Masonic body to say you are a part of, it is a Masonic body that you will be active for the good of the valley. Those new members who have had petition for membership accepted, but have not yet been knighted. The purpose of the Squire program is to allow the petitioner to demonstrate his desire to be united with the Chapter. During this time period the Squire must participate in acceptable service to the Chapter or Valley as supervised by a Knight of St Andrew. There is no set number of hours of service, rather it is the quality and the demonstration of a desire to be active that is required. Squires may wear the Black Glengarry at all events in which KSA participates, but are not yet eligible

Petitions are available from the Valley office.  Once you attend a knighting ceremony, you will receive your Knighthood and patent certifying your membership.  Knighting ceremonies are held once a year.  Once the Valley office notifies the Knight Commander and/or Secretary of your membership, you will receive a message with how to get started in the Order.

Petitions are available for download here, or in the Rochester Valley office. You must be a 32° Master of the Royal Secret and current member in good standing of the Rochester Valley to be eligible.

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Knights of Saint Andrew

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