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Event Calendar

Spring 2017 Reunion

Thursday – April 27:

4:00 PM Candidates arrive for registration, introductions and instruction.
4:45PM Candidate introduction by SGIG
5:00 PM Dinner
5:45PM Candidates gather for instruction
6:00 PM* 4th Degree in the Red Room
7:00 PM 14th Degree in the Auditorium
8:30 PM 14th Degree Concludes.  Candidate education
9:00 PM Close

Thursday – May 11:

4:00 PM Candidates arrive for registration and instruction.
5:00 PM Dinner
5:45PM Candidates gather in Candidate Room.  Introductions of Valley and Orient Leadership
6:00 PM* 18th Degree in the Auditorium
7:00 PM Break for Scene Change.  Candidate education
7:30 PM 18th Degree Resumes in the Auditorium
8:00 PM Reception and Cash Bar
8:00 PM 18th Degree Concludes.  Candidates join the reception.
9:30 PM Close

Saturday – May 13:

8:00 AM Reunion and Long Form Candidates arrive for registration, coffee, donuts and instruction.
8:30 AM 30th Degree in the Auditorium.  (Concludes at 10:00AM)
10:15 AM 31st Degree in the Red Room
11:15 AM 31st Degree Conclusion in the Auditorium
12:00 PM Spring Reunion Lunch (Reservations Required)
1:00 PM Class Education (Mural Lecture) for Long Form and Reunion Classes
1:45 PM Class Photo in the Red Room
2:00 PM 32 Degree in the Auditorium – Break at 2:45 for scene change.
5:00 PM Reunion Reception.  Cash Bar opens
6:00 PM 32nd Degree Concludes
9:30 PM Close

* – Note the 6:00PM Degree Start Time.