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Leonard Smith, 32° K.∙.C.∙.C.∙.H.∙.

Leonard Smith, 32° K.∙.C.∙.C.∙.H.∙.

Tony J. Krall, 33º IGH

Tony R. Krall, 33º IGH

St. Paul Valley

Deputy to the Supreme Council
Tony R. Krall, 33° IGH

Deputy Personal Representative
Leonard Smith, 32° K.∙.C.∙.C.∙.H.∙.

Assistant Personal Representative
Frank J. Spevak 33°

Jerry J. Johnson 33°

Executive Secretary
James R. Moore, 32°

Robert H. Golder, 32° K.∙.C.∙.C.∙.H.∙.

Heads of the Bodies:

Lodge of Perfection
Venerable Master
John L. Cook 33° IGH

Chapter of Rose Croix
Wise Master
Keith W. Reierson 32° K∴C∴C∴H∴

Council of Kadosh
Patrick C. McCarthy 32° K∴C∴C∴H∴

Master of Kadosh
Michael J. Schultz 32°