Life Membership

The cost of an Endowed Life Membership in the Minneapolis Valley as of 1 July 2012 is based on the age of the member. The current cost is as follows:

Purchase Price


Age Group Purchase Price
28.5 18-29 $2,565.00
26.4 30-39 $2,376.00
24.2 40-49 $2,178.00
21.5 50-59 $1,935.00
18.0 60-69 $1,620.00
14.1 70-79 $1,269.00
9.9 80-89 $891.00
5.8 90 + $522.00

Payment may be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or a one time payment and must be completed with in one year.

An optional payment plan may be utilized using a Visa or Master charge credit card and having twelve equal payments until total cost is paid. Annual dues will be paid from these deductions until the full payment for a Life Membership is reached.

If interested, please contact the Secretary in the Valley office.

Secretary – Kenneth P. Hill, 33º
Phone: 612-871-1500